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Breastfeeding for the New Mom

Introduction to Breastfeeding for the New Mom

Something that is urged by doctors when a woman has a child is that the new mother breastfeeds the baby. It is suggested that this be done for at least the first six months of the new-born baby’s life, but the longer the better. To some women breastfeeding comes naturally, to others it is more difficult.
Breastfeeding is the best start that you can give you baby. This is supposed to be something that will allow you to bond with your child, and for them to get the nutrients from your breast-milk, what could be more natural. Not through formulas, that are produced and manufactured from multiple ingredients.

Below you will find some helpful hints on what to do and not do when you start breastfeeding.

  • Breastfeeding should not hurt, and your nipples shouldn’t get sore. In fact if the baby is latched on to your breast the right way, it won’t hurt one bit!
  • Teach your baby the right way to breastfeed. This can be done by holding the breast steady, while doing so compress the breast into a pointed shape using your hand. Bring your baby closer and place the nipple into the baby’s mouth so that it’s in between the soft and hard palate.
  • Bring the baby to your breast, not the breast to the baby.
  • Bring the baby to the breast quickly in a swift motion.
  • If you do it wrong the first time, don’t get frustrated. Try it again; you don’t want to let the latch-on be something that will hurt you, because you will constantly be sore.
  • Feed your baby on demand or about 8 or 10 times within a 24 hour period of time. Look at the diapers to make sure they are getting the right amount of milk each day too. There should be at least 6 to 8 dirty or wet diapers each day, during the first 8 weeks of your new infant’s life.
  • Wear the right clothes to allow for easier breastfeeding. Loose fitting, soft and with openings that allow for easy nursing.

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