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Team Mom

We just want to remind all moms to support and be kind to each other and to themselves. Instead of judging one another, love one another, instead of tearing each other down, raise each other up. None of us are perfect, and it’s unfair to expect anyone or yourself to be. We are all doing […]

As For Me and My House We Shall Serve The Breast…

Breast is best, isn’t that what they always say? Well for some people the bottle = sanity and that’s okay too! Out of six kids I breast fed two of them. Gasp….yes, only two, now before you call all the organnies out and start protesting on my front lawn, let me explain…I didn’t feel comfortable […]

New seasons bring new colors

This beautiful morning we went to the fashion district in downtown Los Angeles. Picking out new colors and fabrics for new seasons/collections is always fun fun fun. Right now we are working on our Summer 2014 collection which will be available in late May. We decided to add some girly colors this time around with […]

Enjoy the extraordinary in the ordinary!

Today we had to drive to Santa Barbara for a little trunk show of our maternity collection. The drive from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara is GORGEOUS! The last half of the trip you drive through these scenic little towns that are mostly wineries and little farms. While driving, Sanda (my partner) and I were […]

Our #1 Best Selling Nightgown!

This is our best selling nightgown. It comes in sizes S-XL and either in blue or grey. It is made out of 100% cotton modal and feels like heaven on The best part of the gown is that it has easy openings to breastfeed your little bundle of love. Perfect for night time feedings and […]

Hello World!

We are Savi Mom, or known otherwise as Sanda and Vicky. We started Savi Mom Nursing and Maternity Clothing about two years ago after meeting at our kid’s school (our kids happened to be in the same Kindergarten class). It has been a steep learning curve but we are finally taking off! We design clothing […]